Friday, August 03, 2007

Beard Papa and Pinkberry

The Mrs. and I were out in Los Angeles for the weekend, attending my sister's MBA graduation. The weather was perfect - sunny with a comfortable ocean breeze to keep you cool.

My sister suggested we try a couple of new quick service restaurants. Beard Papa is a pastry shop that specializes in cream puffs. And Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt chain.

I really enjoyed Beard Papa. The cream puffs were delicious. Light, tasty and just the right size. The shop also offers a host of other desserts, but I wasn't hungry enough to try anything else.

I wasn't as excited about Pinkberry. The unique feature of the frozen yogurt is the slightly sour taste - much like plain yogurt you purchase at the grocery store. Two flavors are served - original and green tea. Then you have the option of adding a range of fresh fruit toppings, chocolate bits and sprinkles. It's quite colorful. But there were two things I didn't like. First, I prefer frozen yogurt to be sweet-tasting. And second, I prefer that feeling you get when you consume a thick milkshake. The milk fat makes a frozen dairy product a real treat for me. On the other hand, the Mrs. really enjoyed Pinkberry, and can't wait to go back.